Yulla Kim

Cellist Yulla Kim was born in South Korea and is establishing himself as an exciting young artist in Korea and showed already her remarkable talent and musicality through winning of various domestic music competitions. Such as gold prize at the Daejeon Maeil Newspaper Music Compeition, Catholic Music Comeptition, Paichai University Music Competition, 2nd prize at CBS National Youth Music Competition, 1st prize at Phone Classic Music Competition, Korean Music Association Music Competition, 3rd Prize at the Strad Music Comeptition, 2nd Prize at Kyungwon University Music Competition.

She started playing cello at her early age and graduated Chungnam Arts school in Korea. She showed already her remarkable talent and musicality through winner’s performances many solo recitals in Youngsan Art center, Seoul Art Center, Sejong Art Center and so on.

She gave also concert with orchestras, such as Chungnam philharmonic orchestra ,Seoul chamber orchestra and Moravian philharmonic orchestra.

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