Xavier Ribeiro

André Xavier Cruz Ribeiro began his musical studies at the age of 7 at the Antas-Esposende Volunteer Firefighters Band Association School, with professor Gonçalo Jaques.

In 2002 he joined the Viana do Castelo Professional School of Music (EPMVC), where he began his trombone studies with Feliciano Morales, Fernando Baptista and finally with Gonçalo Dias. At EPMVC he worked with national and international renowned conductors such as Miguel del Castillo, Javier Viceiro, Ernest Schelle, Josep Vicent, Kevin Wauldron, Osvaldo Ferreira, Julián Lombana, Paulo Benardino, Vasco Pearce de Azevedo, Roberto Perez and Paulo Martins.

He participated in trombone masterclasses with Simon Cowen, Jarret Butler, Alberto Urretxo Zubillaga, Severo Martinez, Hugo Assunção, Jon Etterbeek, Rui Fernandes, and chamber music workshops with Pierre Dutot and Olga Prats.

He attended the APROARTE Wind Orchestra in 2007 under direction of Kevin Wauldron, being selected on the following year for APROARTE Symphonic Orchestra’s XI National Internship, under the direction of Ernst Schelle.

In 2008 he joined ESMAE (Superior School of Music and Performing Arts – Porto) with Severo Martinez and David Silva as trombone pedagogues. During this period he contacted with musicians such as Sérgio Carolino and António Saiote. Besides ESMAE wind and symphonic orchestras, he collaborated with ESMAE Big Band, under the direction of Pedro Guedes and Paulo Perfeito. He also attended jazz workshops given by George Colligan (piano), Michael Blake (tenor), Jaleel Shaw (alto), Josh Ginsburg (bass) aand Ej Sticklan (drums) – the “George Colligan Quintet” at “Guimarães Jazz 2009”, and Ralph Alessi (trumpete), Tony Malaby (tenor), Mark Ferber (drums), Drew Gress (bass) and Andy Milne (piano) at “Guimarães Jazz 2011”.

After graduating from ESMAE in 2011, he joined a Jazz Graduation at ESML (Lisbon Superior School of Music) with the jazz trombonist Lars Arens. Since then, he has collaborated with the Hot Club Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Pedro Moreira and Luís Cunha, with whom he shared the stage with names such as Mário Laginha, Chris Kase, Rainer Tempel, John Ellis, Joe Lovano and Miguel Zenon. In 2013 he took part on “Dance Ballerina, Dance” a National Ballet Company’s production, with Clara Adermatt’s choreography, music by João Lucas and Pedro Moreira’s musical direction. He also worked with several projects like “Reunion Big Jazz Band” with Johannes Krieger direction and recording their album “Oija”, and the “Tora Tora Big Band” under the artistic direction of Lars Arens. He also took part on the orchestra that accompanied the renown saxophonist Benny Golson upon his tour through Portugal in 2014. In 2015 he recorded with “L.A. Banda Larga”, a jazz orchestra project lead by Lars Arens.

He has been invited for Cascais and Oeiras Chamber and Symphonic Orchestra’s programs since 2017.

He teaches in Caldas da Rainha Conservatoire since 2014.

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage