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Vasco Finuras

“Everything has changed in my life except for one thing. My Love for Music!”

Vasco Finuras is a guitar player, teacher and producer. At 15 he started studying the guitar in his local music school in Santo António dos Cavaleiros. Still in Portugal, had guitar and music lessons with Rui Fingers, Vasco Agostinho, Miguel Camilo and Jorge Lee. With these teachers he studied in the best portuguese schools, such as Conservatório Nacional and Hot Club de Jazz. In 2006, he moved to London to study guitar at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, where he studied with great names that up to this day still make a difference in the world of electric guitar, such as Justin Sandercoe (the king of Youtube), Iain Scott, and Charlie Griffiths and Dave Marks (both co-writers for the acclaimed Rockschool programme). He also studied with Martin Goulding, a true master of the Metal way of playing the guitar. But it was Dario Cortese who influenced Vasco the most. Dario has worked and studied very closely with Frank Gambale, and is also one of the official transcriptors for Brent Mason (allegedly one of the most all time recorded guitar players in history). Apparently, Brent has ‘forbidden’ Dario from writing or playing his tunes for being too good at it… All of these guitar players and teachers are frequent contributors for great industry publications such as ‘Guitar Techniques’.

After finishing his studies in London, Vasco returns to his home country and has ever since worked with several local artists who make a difference in the portuguese musical scene, such as Flirt, Caim, NBC, NelsonRitchie, Luciana Abreu and Romana among others. With them he has had the chance to play in great festivals such as Rock in Rio, Delta Tejo and Radio Alfa’s in Paris. He has played all over Portugal.

Alongside being a hired musician, Vasco has his own quartet of original music in the realms of jazz, funk and blues. With his quartet, Vasco Finuras Quartet, he has been the opening act for the portuguese cavaquinho Master, Júlio Pereira.

Since 2000 Vasco is a dedicated teacher. He has also guided and recommended his students for some work outside the school environment. The reason why he is so comfortable being a teacher is because he truly loves what he does. And it is easy to convince people when you love what you do. Vasco teaches people of all ages andthe goal is always the same: to make people realize how much it makes one happy to be able to play an instrument, with a very accurate sense of its theoretical and practical codes. In sum, to be able to express oneself fully and properly by making Music.

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