Vando Valente

Vando Jorge Valente was born in 1987 in Ourém. He started his musical studies at the age of 15 at the Ourém Conservatory of Music with Ilda Coelho, and later with the guitarists Sérgio Barreiro and Pedro Rufino, having finished the 8th grade with Roberto Batista. During his studies, Vando participated in several guitar competitions, winning a second prize in the category B of the national guitar competition of the Conservatory of Ourém in 2004, and the first prize in Category D in the same contest in 2005. Between 2009 and 2013 he completed his degree in Classical Guitar with the guitarist and teacher Dejan Ivanovic at the Évora University.

Alongside to his studies, he has always been involved in live music projects, playing different styles, such as Rock (playing Bass Guitar or Double Bass) as well as Jazz, performing in various groups and bands formations. This led him to participate in the recording the bass lines of some original projects.

Currently he has 10 years of experience as a teacher at schools such as the Ourém Conservatory and Banda Operária Torrejana, teaching currently the guitar at the Cascais Conservatory, at Crescendo Estoril and at Crescendo Oeiras.

He dedicates his free time to repair and restore guitars and other string instruments.

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