Transverse Flute

The transverse flute produces medium to high pitch notes, and we usually hear it playing quick sequences of  many notes. The challenge of producing a beautiful sound on the flute will be overcome each day, mastering the way your blow behaves in each note, while your fingers get used to their respective keys. Listen to the timbre of the flute:

The sheet music of the transverse flute is written in the Treble Clef, although there are flutes which can reach lower notes (alto and bass flutes) and others which reach higher notes (piccolo). Mastering the transverse flute, you will be able to learn and play these instruments from this same family.

You can start learning the transverse flute with a transverse flute from the Cascais Music School. Check for more information at our Shop.

Meet the Transverse Flute Teachers from the Cascais Music School.

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