Thainá Moretti

From Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, Thainá started her dancing at 3 years old with creative dance. At 7 she started attending classes of Classical Ballet, Jazz and Tap Dance, to which she dedicated the following 10 years.
Thainá graduated in Dance at Centro Universitário da Cidade (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) in 2009 and, while studying, she danced with the dance company UniverCidade, where she performed Jazz, Modern and Contemporary dances.
She performed in several professional festivals, with highlights to Panorama Festival (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), Dança em Pauta (São Paulo, Brasil) and Brasil Move Berlim (Berlin, Germany), as well as in renowned stages such as Theatro Municipal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Brasil).
With 16 years of teaching experience, she worked in many schools for children education and at Academia Rose Mansur (Niterói, Brasil) where, besides building knowledge on choreography making and production of shows, she was the Pedagogical Coordinator of the Children’s Ballet course for 8 years.
Thainá is currently a professional dancer and teacher of Creative Dance, Contemporary Dance and Jazz Dance.

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