Sofia Vieira

Sofia began her music studies in Escola de Música e Bailado Nossa Senhora do Cabo, Linda-a-Velha. She completed her secondary school course in piano. She participated in masterclasses with Fausto Neves, Constantin Sandu, António Rosado, Jorge Moyano, Francisco Sassetti, Pedro Brumester and Cláudio Martinez. She also studied violoncello with Andrzej Michalczyk and voice training with Joana Levy.
In 2014 she finished her bachelor’s degree in Music Education and Choral Conducting in Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. She studied for a year at Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music – Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music (Kecskemét, Hungary), as part of the Erasmus exchange programme.
She has taken part in workshops and masterclasses such as The King’s Singers Summer School (United Kingdom), Curso Internacional de Música Vocal, Choral Conducting with Paulo Lourenço (Aveiro), A Direcção Coral para Canções Infanto-juvenis with Henrique Piloto, Curso Intensivo de Pedagogia Musical Kodály (Hungary) and Curso de Pedagogia Musical Activa with Jos Wuytack.
At present, Sofia is studying in Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa for a master’s degree in music education.
She has worked as a substitute teacher at Conservatório Regional de Setúbal and Academia de Música de Lisboa, and as a piano accompanist at the Young Singers Festival: Vocalizze 2012.
Now she is the choral conductor of the Pequenos Cantores de Alfragide and teacher at Conservatório de Música de Cascais.

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