Singing Voice

The art of Singing uses the only living music instrument in the Planet: the voice. Everyone can sing, although not all people were encouraged to do so. Yet, the vocal chords are a very delicate and have to be very well taken care of, to last many years and healthy.

For being so delicate, the voice is worked according to the age. The techniques learned as an adult are not the same used with a children’s voice. And during the transition from children’s voice to adult’s voice, there is a particular and specific work to that phase.

On this discipline, each student will learn in which register their voice has the best performance: Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano and Contralto for women and children, and Tenor, Baritone and Bass for men.

Meet the different voices within the lyrical singing and presenting the voice in its whole potentiality:








At the singing classes you learn the best techniques so that your voice stands out with all of its qualities. And with those techniques you will have all the freedom to sing in every styles, or to specialize on your favourite one.

Depending on your vocal register, sheet music may be written on the treble clef (female, children or tenor voices) or in the bass clef (male voices).

Meet the Singing Teachers from the Cascais Music School.

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