Sergio Pérez

From Real de Montroi (Valencia), he began his music studies at the Torrent Music Conservatory and proceeded at the Valencia Conservatory of Music, where he completed the superior grade with Professor Dr. Vicent Campos.

He completed his Masters in Aesthetics and Creativity in Music in its third edition and perfected his studies with professors and soloists such as Allen Vizzutti, Anthony Plog, Philip Smith, Marc Gold, Eric Aubier, Barbara Butler and Charles Geyer. Later in 2015, he completed his Masters in Interpretation at the Castellón Conservatory of Music.

In 1999 he was a finalist at Juventudes Musicales, a young musicians contest in Spain. He won the first prize at the Yamaha Hazen National Trumpet Competition (2002), the European Ravel Granados competition (2004), and at the first International Competition for Yamaha Brass Quintets with Keren Brass (2006).

He has been assistant soloist with the Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra, having worked as well in various chamber music groups such as Grupo Enigma from Zaragoza, Grupo Instrumental, Valencia Symphony Orchestra, Asturias Orchestra, Grup Instrumental Mare Nostrum and Barcelona 216.

He currently teaches at the Utiel Conservatory of Music (Valencia).

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage