Music Disciplines



The list of musical instruments in the world is infinite! When you learn an instrument at the Cascais Music Conservatory you are also opening the way for other instruments. From the sweetest to the loudest, from the lowest to the highest, your choice will reveal too a bit of who you are!

The strings family is ancient and for all tastes. From plucked strings to bow instruments, discover the variety we have to offer you!
Did you know that some centuries ago it would be normal for musicians to play flute with their nose? It's not so common anymore but the number of instruments grew a lot. Discover the wind instruments you can learn with us.
If you want to have music on your fingertips, these instruments are for you. With a great diversity of sound, they all came from the dulcimer and the clavichord on the 14th century. They evolved to the harpsichord on the 15th century which got huge popularity, culminating with pianoforte on the beginning of the 18th century, which is pretty much the same piano we have nowadays. Try it and pick your favourite!
In this great family, the possibilities are never ending. Nevertheless, the techniques are similar within most of them and as you learn them all, you have all the percussion instruments at your reach! Pick your favourite style and develop it at the Cascais Conservatory!
To know how to use the voice is a science. Learn how to take cherish of your voice and get to know the best techniques so you can sing with all your potential at the Cascais Conservatory!
To master the music language is as fundamental as to read and write the spoken language. These subjects will bring you all you need to evolve confidently in your musical path.

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