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Art, technique, health, pleasure: the best of dancing now at the Cascais Conservatory. For every age and styles, our dance studio is for you! Apply now!

Classic Dance (+6 years old)

Using the techniques from the Royal Academy of Dance, this is a technical ballet class, with gradual exercises respecting the development of each student. It brings several benefits such as improvement of flexibility, muscular toning, coordination and rhythm, among others.

Modern/ Contemporary Dance (+6 years old)

Dance class inspired on different modern and post-modern dance techniques. This class includes barre, centre, improvisation, diagonals, choreographies, etc.

Modern Jazz (+6 years old)

The Modern Jazz class is choreographic class based on free creation. It uses the principles of classic and modern ballet. This class works intensively muscular strength, motor coordination, musicality and posture.

Creative/ Rhythm/ Movement (3-6 years old)

Exploitation of movement and expressiveness with an emphasis on musicality. Some classes include the usage of simple music instruments in a playful way.

Hip Hop (+6 years old)

Dance style developed on the 70's by african-americans and latin-americans. These are informal dance classes which may include battles of Freestyle.

Ballet for Children (4-6 years old)

Introduction to some of the classical dance techniques to promote coordination and motricity in an artistic and most captivating way for the little ones.

Ballet Fitness (+17 years old)

This class combines ballet steps and postures with exercises of pilates and localized gymnastics. All exercises are developed dynamically and consciously, toning the body and improving posture, breathing, balance and flexibility.

Flor Barre (+12 years old)

Technical class performed on the floor. This class helps the consolidation of the knowledge acquired on the other dance classes, improving flexibility and muscular strength. Also suitable for students with fewer dance knowledge.

Yoga (+12 years old)

Classes focusing on posturee, breathing, stregth and ballance which promote alignment and wellness.

Stretching (+12 years old)

This class promotes muscular flexibility and posture, and strengthens tendons and articulations. Performed in a calm and relaxed environment for better results. You will enjoy the benefits of this class in everyday tasks, feeling lighter and more physically and mentally available for the daily routine challenges.

Dance Classes for Adult Beginners

Be part of our adult classes! Classical dance, Jazz Dance, Stretching, Ballet Fitness and Floor Barre, these classes are for all ages and levels.

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