Sándor Mester

Sándor Mester is a concert guitarist, producer, composer and a classical guitar teacher. In 1991 he won the Main Prize of the National Guitar Competition in Hungary. He performed more than 900 concerts in 21 countries and gives numerous workshops and masterclasses in several countries for children and for young professional musicians.

His repertoire spans 600 years of classical music from the Renaissance until contemporary music. In 2009 he fell in love with the music of Carlos Paredes and Carlos Seixas, performing their works in many countries. He transcribed the baroque sonatas for harpsichord by Carlos Seixas and the works of Carlos Paredes for portuguese guitar to classical guitar. Sandor Mester also plays as a chamber musician in different set-ups: duo, trio, quartet and quintet with various instruments. Sandor also was a guitarist and producer for some World Music productions and he is composing music for films and pieces for classical guitar as well.

Among his presentations at big concert halls, Sandor Mester is on a cultural mission. He decided to bring classical music to those who otherwise would not go to concerts of professional musicians in the big cities. He plays in cultural centers and schools of small villages and towns because he believes that classical music belongs to everyone.

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage