The piano is with no doubt the most popular classical instrument. It’s an instrument where the maths of music is visually clear, with all the notes displayed from octave to octave just waiting for our fingers. And it is an instrument where tuning is not of your responsibility. Each key plays always the same note regardless of how experienced is the hand playing it.

On the other hand, the piano is the polyphony instrument by excellence: on the piano you play much more than the melody. Your experience on the piano will evolve from simple melodies until you you play great pieces, where each finger plays with perfect autonomy. The art of producing a beautiful sound on the piano is the art of dancing with your hands. The strength and speed with which the keys are played hides more mastery than you imagine!

With the piano you will learn to read not one but two clefs: one for the right hand and other for the left hand. Generally, the right hand plays on the treble clef and the left on the bass clef, although you will find some pieces where both your hands travel through the whole keyboard, from the basses to the trebles.

Playing the piano, you will easily learn how to play other keyboard instruments such as the harpsichord, the organ or the accordion keyboard.

This is, though, one of the loneliest instruments for being so complete on its possibilities… and also for not being portable. You can’t just take it to a friend’s house for a jam session.

Furthermore, while in the orchestra there is room for many melodic instruments (even many of the same), the piano is not part of the usual formation. It comes most of the times as a soloist instrument. For that reason, many pianists seek whenever possible to play in duets, trios or other chamber ensembles.

In compensation, pianists have a fundamental role accompanying choirs and voice practice in general, a work which develops very well the musical hearing and, at the same time, gives you freedom to be a soloist and to explore your creativity.

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