Double Bass

Petio Kalomenski

First Bass of the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, was born in 1956 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He was a student of Professor Todor Toshev School of Music in Sofia and at the Academy between 1970 and 1981. As graduate, attended masterclasses with the same teacher.
Participated in the national Youth Music Awards, where he earned 2nd place. Beetween 1981 and 1992 played in Sofia Philharmonic and has been since 1988, head of the same suit. First Bass was in Sofia Festival Orchestra – directed by Emil Tchakurov – often worked with the Chamber Orchestra “Soloists of Sofia”. He played as soloist in the Orchestra of the School of Sofia Chamber Orchestra of Sofia Philharmonic, New Philharmonic Portuguese and Portuguese Symphony Orchestra.
He began his work in Portugal in 1992, the New Philharmonic and the Portuguese from 1993 in Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, where he holds the post of head of Suit.

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage