Pedro Oliveira

Pedro Filipe Mendes Silva de Oliveira started his musical studies in Carregueira’s
Band “Victória” when he was six years old. He began playing trumpet but at 16 he
changed to Tuba under the guidance of Professor Victor Gonçalves of the National
Conservatory of Music of Coimbra. He concluded the eighth Grade at the Musical
School of Gualdim Pais Band with Professor João Aibéo. He graduated in Superior
School of Applied Arts in Tuba with Professor Ilídio Massacote and currently, where he
is attending the Masters in Teaching of Music – Tuba.
Over the years he has attended several MasterClasses in Tuba, Euphonium and
Orchestra conducting. Some highlights to the Professors of Tuba MasterClasses: Adélio
Carneiro, Robert Tucci, Roland Szentpáli, Sérgio Carolino, François Thuillier, Eduardo
Nogueroles Bermudez, Nuno Machado, Avelino Ramos. In 2005 he attended
MasterClass of euphonic under the guidance of Francisco Serôdio. Over the years he
attended courses and internships in Wind Orchestra under guidance of several
conductors, namely, José Manuel Ferreira de Brito, Alberto Roque, Simão Francisco,
Jouke Hoekstra, Carlos Marques, Francisco Ferreira, Ricardo Carvalho, Henrique
Piloto. Attended theoretical workshops, including Organology, Acoustics and Music
History with António Cardo, Music and Orchestration formation with Mário
Nascimento, Luthier woods and Puffs with Edgar Valério, and Contemporary Music /
Jazz with Paulo Gaspar. Attended MasterClasses of Direction of Orchestra under the
direction of Maestro José Manuel Ferreira de Brito, José Ignacio Petit Matias Simão
Francisco e Pedro Andrade. He was also invited to guide the class of Tubas Euphoniums
in the V Stage Corner Firm of Tomar in Mação and the ninth and tenth stage of the
Middle Tagus Wind Orchestra in 2014 and 2015.
Currently, he is a musician in Carregueira’s Band “Victória” where he was
professor of brass class from September 2012 to 2014 and Conductor Founder of the
Youth Band Project. Punctually he serves as a tuba player in several bands in the
country. Peter is also part of a Brass Ensemble, “Victoria Ensemble” and sometimes he
is asked for performances as a guest artist at Xaral Dixie’s group. He is also part of a
Brass Band “The Bells Brass Ensemble” under the guidance of Professor Hugo Assunção.
In August 2016 he was invited to work with two ensembles of brass metals in
Brass Metal Festival Gravíssimo! which takes place every year in Alcobaça: TnT
(Trombones and Tubas) under the musical direction of Professor Hugo Assunção and
Portuguese Ensemble of Tubas (How to Low Cou Can Go), under the musical direction
of Professor Sérgio Carolino.
Currently, he is a Principal Tuba in Atlantic Coast Orchestra and in Symphony
Orchestra of Cascais and Chamber Orchestra of Oeiras and Cascais. He also is
orchestra stage booster in Portuguese Symphony Orchestra. Since August 2016 he is a
conductor in Sociedade Instrução Musical Rossiense – Rossio ao Sul do Tejo.

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage