Patrick Simeão

Patrick Simeão was born in Reims, France. He began playing drums when he was thirteen years old. He studied Jazz at the Hot Club of Portugal. He is also a graduate of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and is currently in his 2nd year of the Master Degree in Jazz at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (ESML).
He has participated in Workshops with the New School of New York.
Patrick has performed all over Portugal as well as in several jazz clubs around Europe including Paris and Barcelona.
Currently Patrick is very dedicated to performing Portuguese modern popular music. He has played many times and also recorded with Portuguese singer Fausto Bordalo Dias.
Patrick is one of the founders of the band called Boémia which has recorded several albums over the past 15 years.
He has also been teaching drums since 1999 and is currently a teacher at the Conservatório de Cascais, Bloom Music Academy and St. Julian’s School.

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage