Open Day Conservatoire 2019

On May 25th, the Cascais Conservatoire opens its doors to all music and dance lovers! Would you like to learn an instrument? Or dance is your world? At the OPEN DAY you can play on music instruments and get to know which dance classes you can attend at Cascais Conservatoire.

3 pm Instruments presentation concert for strings, winds, percussion and dance classes. Presented by Conservatoire teachers and OCCO musicians.

4 pm Workshops. Here you can try many instruments and dance classes with the help of the teachers.

Contacts for further information

[email protected]
[Music Department] 21 464 34 60
[Dance Department] 21 468 24 04 (from 4 pm)

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage

Patrocinadores / Sponsors

Parceiros / Partnerships