Momchil Georgiev

The Associate Professor Momchil Georgiev, PhD, was born on August 15, 1959 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His educational background is mainly in the field of music – as flutist and musicologist, in cultural theory and economics. His wide professional background includes high and middle level management and administration positions, as well as analytic and consultancy activities. He has been a lecturer from his experience as member of the Executive Board of the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), Adviser to the Minister of Culture, Director of “Music production and Ensembles” and Member of Program Council of the BNR, Director of National Center for Music and Dance – Ministry of Culture, Administrative Director of State Music Theatre – Sofia, professor in the High Institute of Theatre and Music in Damascus – Syria (Foundеr of the Syrian Flute School), Journalist and Musical Editor (more than 130 publications), among others.
Within the broad scope of his public activities the following appointments could be highlighted: General Secretary of Bulgarian Association of Employers in Culture (BAROK), Program Manager of “Sofia Music Weeks” Festival, Chairman of “Prof. Vladi Simeonov” Foundation, expert and consultant of different PHARE and EU programs, teacher in Management of Performing Arts in State Music Academy, New Bulgarian University, University for World and National Economics.

The profile of the orchestra manager 

This presentation will describe the different sides of the skills and knowledge of the modern music manager in four groups: personal skills, managerial skills, knowledge in economics and knowledge in legal matters.
These will be the examples and the basis for questions and discussions about the role and importance of the orchestra manager.

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage