Marta Vieira Botelho

Marta Sofia Botelho Vieira, was born in Ribeira Grande, Azores, in 1989. Miss Vieira started started her musical studies on the piano and flute at age of six years old at Ribeira Grande’s Academy of Music. At age of nine, she begun learning to play the violin with professor Grigory Spektor, continuing her studies at the Ponta Delgada Music Conservatory. Marta graduated with top grade in violin in the studio of ukranian teacher Natália Zilkina, at the Conservatory. She was a student at Roosevelt University – Chicago College of Performing Arts, for undergraduate where she studied with professor Robert Chen. She was awarded top grade in her final violin recital at the Metropolitan National Academy of Orchestra, where she had as principal instructors Aníbal Lima and Paul Wakabayashi, in Lisbon.

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