Lilit Khachatryan

Lilit Khachatryan was born in 1981 in Yerevan/Armenia. From the early childhood she was very musical and her parents decided to put her to a Special Music School where her mother is teaching violin. From beginning on Lilit was making big steps forward in violin and other lessons. She was in that school from 1988-1998.In 1997 Lilit is winning first price in the National Armenian Violin Competition. After finishing school in 1998 Lilit enters in Yerevan State Conservatory where she studied until 2003 and then another 2 years for the doctor degree. Her teachers where Professor Villy Mokazian, Edward Dayan, Henrik Smbatyan.
In the same time Lilit did a lot of different master classes for solo playing and chamber music. She participated in several chamber music festivals such as Return festival (Armenia) Talalyan brothers festival (Armenia) Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival (Germany) Mahak festival (Iran) and many more.
Her chamber music coaches where:
Aram Talalyan(YSC,Armenia-Chamber and Baroque Music), Alla Berberyan (YSC,Armenia), Samvel Barsegian(Portugal),Gareguin Aroutunian(Portugal) Daishin Kashimoto(Germany)Boris Browtsin (UK) Jakov Jakoulov(USA), Mikhail Bronner(RF), Mikhail Kokzhaev(YSC).
Sinds 1998-2000 Lilit was co-principal leader in the Youth National Symphony Orchestra in Armenia. She decided to try her self in baroque music and from year 2000-2003 Lilit is entering in the Baroque Orchestra in Yerevan. After her experience with baroque music, Lilit is going further and in year 2005 she is entering State National Chamber Orchestra as a leader. In the mean time Lilit is playing a lot of different projects with contemporary chamber and orchestral music, folk music even some jazz projects. She is open to any cind of music which is big advantage of good musician.
From year 2012 Lilit is living in Portugal where she came to work with Professor Gareguin Haroutunian and Samvel Barsegian.

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