João Vidinha

João was born in Portugal, where he began to play the flute at Fundação Musical dos Amigos das Crianças with Anthony Pringsheim. He continued his studies at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa with the same teacher and after having private lessons with Katharine Rawdon, he went to study at Conservatorium van Amsterdam (CvA) with Marieke Schneemann, where he finished his Master Degree in 2010.

He participated in Masterclasses by Emily Beynon, Kersten McCall, Jed Wentz, Wil Offermans, András Adórjan, Vincent Cortvrint, Jaime Martín, Carin Levine, Irmela Bossler, Félix Renggli and Carlos Bruneel.

During his studies he became a very experienced player in orchestra: RBO Sinfonia, Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra, CvA-Symphony Orchestra, VU-Orchestra, LSKO Collegium Musicum, Orquestra Sinfónica Portuguesa, O.C.C.O., Orquestra Sinfónica Juvenil – Portugal (with whom he played as soloist the Concerto nr.7 in E Minor by F. Devienne) and chamber music, recently with Zephyros Woodwind Quintet.

He recently started the international publisher Scherzo Editions.

João Vidinha Duarte plays on a Bernhard Hammig silver flute with a Silver Gold Plated lefreQue and a Verne Q. Powell handmade costum piccolo with a Silver Plated lefreQue.


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