James Peng Liu

Acclaimed as one of the most outstanding conductor in China today, James P Liu who are based in China has been just invited to conducted China Philharmonic orchestra which one of the best orchestra in Asia the 15th anniversary gala concert. He also has engagement in 2015 with Duisburger Philharmoniker(Germany) Jerusalem Symphony (National) Orchestra in Israel ,Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra. Mexico Philharmonic Orchestra,TianJin Symphony Orchestra and he is invited the third time appearing as principal guest conductor at Tuscia Opera festival in italy and orchestras in China. 
James P. Liu, of Singapore nationality, was appointed Music Director of the Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra at the invitation of the Wuhan Municipal Culture Bureau (China) in 2004. 
As the first formal Music Director, and the Chief Conductor, he re-built the orchestra immediately and made it became 80 concerts a year which the very important professional orchestra in the central of China today. In June 2011,he found Wuhan International Piano Festival and became the Artist Director. He was a Research Scholar in the Conducting Faculty at the Michigan State University (USA) College of Music. He is also the principal guest conductor of Pueblo Symphony orchestra of Colorado(USA) and the principal guest conductor of Tuscia OperaFestival in Italy. 

During his first year tenure, Liu implemented the first “Concert Season” for the Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra, He led the WPO on the first overseas 
tour to Oita, Japan in 2004. In 2009, he conducted the WPO at the 9th Asia Symphony Week in Tokyo and WPO was the only symphony orchestra from China. The concerts, performed at the Tokyo opera house, received high praise from Japanese media. Mr. Liu also led the orchestra during a 13 city China tour in 2011. 

Mr. Liu has been guest conductor with Numberger Symphoniker Orchestra(Germany), Duisburger Philharmoniker(Germany) Thuringer Symphoniker(Germany), Poland Silesian Philharmonic. The Cyprus State Symphony Orchestra, Poland Zabrze Philharmonic Orchestra, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra(Israel) Oita Symphony Orchestra (Japan),Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra (Czech Republic), Tuscia OperaFestival(Italy) Orquestra de Camera Chihuahua (Mexico),State Symphony Orchestra(Mexico), Michigan State University Symphony Orchestra (USA),Pueblo Symphony Orchestra(USA), China Philharmonic Orchestra, Evergreen Symphony Orchestra(TaiWan) TianJin Symphony and Sichuan Symphony (China), and he has cooperated with artists from Europe, America, and Asia. 

During his tenure, he implemented a plan for musician exchanges with the Duisburger Philharmoniker Orchestra of Germany, the Oita Symphony Orchestra of Japan, Poland National Youth Symphony Orchestra, Italian Tuscia OperaFestival and the Sichuan, China Symphony. He successfully conducted joint concerts resulting in high appreciation by government and media for promoting foreign exchange through the Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Mr. Liu has been awarded a variety of honors. He received the Gold Medal of the National Youth Art Festival of Singapore and the “Excellent Music Contribution” award by the Japanese Association of Singapore in 2001. In 2005 he received the “Special Contribution in Culture” from the Wuhan Municipal Culture Bureau and the “Chime Bells Award” by the Hubei Provincial Government in 2006. He was listed as one of ten foreign experts for his contributions in economy and culture of Hubei, China. In 2010, he was given the Wuhan Culture Contribution Award from the city government. In 2010, he was named as one of the ten “The Province Culture Fashion Elite” by the Radio Film and TV Bureau of Hubei Province.In 2011, he received the Yellow Crane Friendship Prize as one of the best foreign experts who contributed to Wuhan City. This was awarded by the Wuhan Municipal Government. Special contribution in culture”by Wuhan Propaganda department March of 2012.

Mr. Liu was born to a prominent music family in China. His grandfather was the first westermusic dictionary compiler in China. Mr. Liu was endowed with music genius in childhood. He studied music at Utrecht Conservatorium (Hongeschoolvoor de Kunsten Utrecht) in Holland and Michigan State University in Unite State. He studied under the guidance of his father, Professor Liu Yan, Elias Arizcuren, Michelle Roche, Victor Liberman, Leon Gregorian, Gustav Meier, and Larry Rachlleff.

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