Inês Sobreda

Inês began her musical studies at 9 years-old taking piano and musical training lessons at a local music school. She later joined the National Conservatory School of Music (EMCN) where she took the final piano exam under the guidance of Rui Pinheiro and Joaquim Baptista Fernandes. At the same time she graduated in Musicology and took a master degree in Music Education, both at the FCSH-UNL.
Still at the EMCN she studied lyrical singing for three years with Manuela de Sá. In 2017 she attended the International Vocal Music Course in Aveiro studying Alexander Technique with Isobel Anderson and vocal technique with João Lourenço, with whom she currently works. She took masterclasses of vocal technique and interpretation of song with Lucia Mazzaria, Isabel Alcobia, João Paulo Santos and David Santos.
Inês graduated also in Music Training and Choral Direction at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. As a choir singer, she participated in several projects and concert halls such as CCB, Casa da Musica do Porto, Coliseu de Lisboa and Teatro S. Luiz, among others. She collaborated with groups such as the ECCE Ensemble (dir. Paul Lourenço – International Festival in Kaili and Inner Mongolia, China), the Lisbon Chamber Choir and internships and reinforcements at the Gulbenkian Choir.
In 2017 she began her activity as an actress in theatre productions, working with Sofia Ângelo (Cartografia, 2018), Claudio Hochman (Gaspacho, 2018) and Ruben Saints (Epopeia, 2018). In 2018, at the Thalia Theater, she played the role of the Third Lady in W.A. Mozart’s The Magic Flute, on the Atelier de Ópera da Metropolitana production.
She has been teaching piano, choir and music theory in conservatories, music schools and as a private teacher since 2008.

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