Final Concert 2017-2018

Instructions for Parents and Carers

All Students from the Cascais Music and Dance Conservatory will present the work of one year in three moments throughout the day. Please check below the corresponding schedule and cooperate with the good functioning of each concert making sure your child arrives on time, with concert clothing and with all the material needed duly prepared.

Conservatory Students: Dance and Music Initiation

Concert time: 11:00 am
The Dance students must arrive until 9:00 am.
The Music students must arrive until 9:15 am.


Conservatory, Sto. António and ESFGA Students (Music 1st and 2nd grades; Classical, Modern and Hip-Hop Dance)

Concert time: 2:30 pm
Students must arrive untill 1:00 pm.


Conservatory and ESFGA Students (from the 3rd to the 8th grades)

Concert time: 5:30 pm
Students must arrive until 3:30 pm.

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage

Patrocinadores / Sponsors

Parceiros / Partnerships