Fees 2019/20

The candidate must fill an application form which puts him automatically in the waiting list. This form has no costs and does not compromise neither the student nor the Music School. This Form is filled exclusively on the Secretary (we do not accept forms via email).  Having a vacancy, the Carer is contacted by the Director of Pedagogy's office which manages vacancies and schedules, in order to schedule the admission tests for the pretended course.

A course at Cascais Music School has the duration of 10 months by default, according to the official school calendar. The application form is only valid after payment of the corresponding fees, and during the period  set for that purpose. Applications submitted after this period are subject to the existing vacancies and to the available schedules of the Music School, classes and teachers.


Documents needed:

• 1 student's photo: passport type, colours and up to date

• Original Student's identification document for verification 

• Original Student's tax identification document for verification

• Original Carer's identification document for verification 

Application Fees

Application on the 1st term:

Registration + Insurance: 68€  (new students)
Renewal of registration + Insurance: 48€ 
(students enrolled in the previous school year)

Application on the 2nd term:

Registration + Insurance: 48€ 

Application on the 3rd term:

Registration + Insurance: 28€


Payment Modalities:

a) 10 monthly payments: 2 monthly payments payed with
the registration (September + June) + 8 monthly payments
payed on the remaining months (from October to May).

b) Payment in advance of 3 months = 3% Discount

c) Payment in advance of 5 months = 5% Discount

d) Payment in advance of full year = 10% Discount


All payments must be due from day 1 to 10 of each month. Payments after this period are subject to a fine and have no discount on that month.

Registration annulment

To quit the course has the cost of 1 monthly payment.



Discounts for siblings:

Application on the 1st term:
Registration +Insurance: 39€  (sibling's first enrollment)
Registration renewal +Insurance: 24€  (sibling enrolled on previous year)

Application on the 2nd term:
Registration +Insurance: 29€ 

Application on the 3rd term:
Registration +Insurance: 19€ 


5% discount on first sibling in all payment methods.
10% discount from the second sibling in all payment methods.


Assigned by weighting based on the declaration of the IRS of the previous year.


These reductions do not apply for students who already benefit the support from the Portuguese Ministry of Culture and Education or from the Cascais Music School.

Useful Documents

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage

Patrocinadores / Sponsors

Parceiros / Partnerships