Duarte Pereira Martins

Duarte Pereira Martins was born in Lisbon and he studied at the Lisbon Conservatory, school where he graduated on Piano with maximum classifications, on 2009. During the first years, he has studied with Hélder Entrudo, concluding the course in the class of Carla Seixas.

He received several prizes in national competitions of piano and regularly goes on stage throughout the country, especially on solo and chamber music performances. At the Conservatory, he worked with Eli Camargo Jr., who gave him not only the basis of chamber music playing, but also a production course that was very important in his musical career. He has recorded in many occasions for Portuguese radio Antena 2 and also for the MPMP label and TV Brasil, during a tour in Brazil that took place in 2014.

Duarte is one of the creators of mpmp – movimento patrimonial pela música portuguesa, an association that promotes Portuguese music. There, he is the actual producer and artistic director of the concerts, as well as an actively involved musician. He is also part of the editorial body of Glosas magazine, the unique of its kind in Portugal, with the purpose of promoting the Portuguese musical heritage. He is the producer and the artistic director of the unprecedented recording of the complete works for key instruments by Carlos Seixas, interpreted by the harpsichordist José Carlos Araújo, and the complete sonatas by João Domingos Bomtempo, with the pianist Philippe Marques.

He graduated at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, attending the classes of Jorge Moyano and Miguel Henriques. Now, at the same time as he studies music, he is studying Physics at Instituto Superior Técnico, also in Lisbon.

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