The Drums are a collection of percussion instruments set to enable the wider combination of sounds possible by a single player. In its basic setting it has the bass drum, snare drum, the floor and the hanging toms, a high-hat and the ride and crash cymbals. Still, the number of percussion instruments that you can add to the drums is very broad. You can adapt it to the music style you’re performing or set it according to your own personal taste. Besides the instruments, you also have a wide collection of drumsticks, brushes and other accessories which help you to produce a collection of sounds in a single instrument. The number of combination is as wide as your imagination allows!

In this discipline you will learn to coordinate hands and feet, starting with simple rhythms and evolving to the most complex ones. You will learn to keep pace, for this is also the role of the drummer while playing with other musicians. And with this discipline you may also participate and start your own school band at the Conservatory!

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