Diogo Gomes

Started his musical studies at the age of 12, playing french horn in Banda de Música dos Bombeiros Voluntários de Arrifana, under direct guidance of Mr. Belmiro Ferreira. At the age of 13 joined Escola de Música de Milheirós de Poiares, Santa Maria da Feira, learning classic guitar, concluding the 5th grade with high score under the class of teacher Rodrigo Barros. At the age of 17 joined the french horn class of teacher Martha Rosa, in Conservatório de Música de Fornos, and the Symphonic Orchestra and Band of Santa Maria da Feira, achieving 2nd place in Certame de Bandas, in Altea. He remains an active member of both Symphonic Orchestra and Band until today. Took part of several master classes with the Spanish Brass, Vicente Zarzo, Bernardo Silva and the event “A Day With Paulo Gaspar” in the field of Jazz. Has worked in individual classes with teachers Jonathan Luxton and Paulo Guerreiro. Has been conducted by several maestros, such as Osvaldo Ferreira, Pedro Neves, Paulo Martins, Délio Gonçalves, Jo Conjaerts, Jacinto Montezo, Alberto Roque, Jan Cober, José Pascual Vilaplana, Ernest Schelle, Aparício Barberán, Christopher Bochmann, Hélder Tavares, Luis Clemente, Jean-Marc Burfin, José Ignácio Petit, José Ferreira Brito, Dinis Sousa, Dietrich Paredes, Juan Maggiorani, António Saiote, Pedro Moreira, Kevin Wauldron, Rui Pinheiro, amongst others. In chamber music groups worked with teachers Hugo Assunção, Paulo Guerreiro and Fausto Neves. He is an active member and co-founder of several projects, such as the brass metal quintet, Quinto Império. Has made solo presentations with Banda Filarmónica Gansaria, the Iberian Brass, the symphonic band Art’AEre Ensemble and performances with the Lisbon Film Orchestra and the West Europe Orchestra. Has conducted master classes in the Filarmónica Estrela de Unhais da Serra and Banda Filarmónica Victória da Carregueira. Cooperates sporadically with the Orquestra Clássica do Sul. In the beginning of 2015 he premiered the piece Cantata de Natal, of João Andrade Nunes. He is a permanent member of Banda da Armada since 2005. Has attended the french horn class of teacher Carlos Rosado in Universidade de Évora. Currently, he is working on his Master’s degree in Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa.

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage