Daniel Bolito

Daniel started his musical studies at age eight at the “Escola de Música Nossa Senhora do Cabo” (EMNSC), where she studied with Paula Fernandes. In the academic year 2000/2001 joined the “Academia de Música de Santa Cecília” (AMSC), where he studied with Ligia Soares, and where he completed the high school. In the academic year 2004/2005 joined the School of Music (ESML), where he studied with Khatchatour Amirkhanian. In parallel, he continued to have lessons in AMSC with Ligia Soares.
In the academic year 2007/2008 he joined the University of Évora (UE) in the class of Valentim Stefanov, which ended a year of graduate school with a rating of 20 points.
His work in orchestra began early with the role of concertmaster, a position he held in several orchestras such as the “Orquestra Sinfónica Juvenil”, Orchestra of the University of Évora and the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra.
At the University of Évora Orchestra, in addition to the role of concertmaster was also in charge of the discipline of partials of strings.
He is a regular member of the Portuguese Chamber, directed by Pedro Carneiro Orchestra, which has played regularly in addition to the role of concertmaster, other roles like as assistant concertmaster and others. With this orchestra he performed in various festivals such as “City of London Festival” in London, has also conceptualized festival “Music Days” in CCB, the festival of Alcobaça “Cistermúsica” among others. Also recently collaborated with OCPzero.
He has performed several times with orchestra or solo piano in places like the Aula Magna, BBC Hall, Hall of the National Theatre of S. Carlos, Camões Theatre, Europarque in Santa Maria da Feira, Hall of the University of Aveiro, “Teatro Aberto”, “Teatro-Cine Torres Vedras”, among many others. Some of these, were recorded for the radio station”Antena 2″. Of note among them the presentation with the “Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras” under the baton of Ernst Schelle with the Tchaikovsky violin concerto and also the “Orquestra Sinfónica Juvenil”, playing the piece “The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi. Already in 2013 appeared as soloist with the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra and the West Europe Orchestra.
Also presents itself as a chamber musician, being regularly invited by the institution “Contemporaneus” and to emphasize, always as 1st violin string ensembles and more recently as concertmaster at the Opera “Cosi fan Tutte” by Mozart, which was the first opera produced in the Alentejo region. Was also recently invited to play with the “Ensemble MPMP” works of living portuguese composers. At the “Festival de S. Roque” he was the concertmaster of an orchestra formed for the occasion of the same Ensemble. Within the same ensemble made last April, a tour to Brazil. It has been directed by renowned conductors such as Pedro Carneiro, Joana Carneiro, Rui Massena, Francesco La Vecchia, Heinrich Schiff, Ernst Schelle, Alberto Roque, Luis Carvalho, Alvaro Cassuto, among others.
Was awarded in various competitions, one of which the International Competition José Augusto Alegria.
Attended several “Masterclass” with Gerardo Ribeiro, Gareguine Aroutiounian, Pavel Arefiev, Daniel Rowland, Ulf Hoelscher, Felix Andrievsky and Valentine Stefanov. He also attended courses of direction with Roberto Perez and Vasco Negreiros.
He was invited to record the soundtrack of a DVD about the artist Ana Vieira, a project with Pedro Carneiro, for Violin and Marimba.
Noteworthy that even collaborated in the recording of the singer and pianist Rogério Godinho CD as well as a concert of the already well known group “Corvos”.
Was invited to hold a Masterclass Violin in “Teatro Tempo” in Portimão.
Has premiered works by composers of great recognition, such as Christopher Bochmann or Alexander Delgado, among many others.
Taught in the school year 2009/2010 discipline of Violin at the Regional Conservatory of Setúbal. Also taught during the year 2011 the disciplines of Violin at the Conservatory of Music of Mação. In the academic year, taught at 2013/2014 Conseratório Music Alcobaça.
In December 2012 he joined the Orchestra Foundation Studio in Guimarães, under “Guimarães – European Capital of Culture”.

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage