Classical Guitar

The Classical Guitar is a plucked strings instrument which means that the sound is produced by the fingers plucking the strings. Its six strings produce notes from low to medium pitch, and you can either play melodies on a single string as to play in all the strings simultaneously through the well known guitar chords. But with the experience you develop in the guitar you will learn to combine melodies with chords, playing more and more beautiful and complex pieces. The classical guitar is played seated for a correct posture, and as you evolve in your practice, you will learn the best techniques to produce the most beautiful sound in each string and for each note:

The guitar sheet music is usually written in the treble clef, although the notes produced by the guitar are one octave lower. Playing the Classical Guitar, it will be easier to play other plucked strings instruments such as the Acoustic Guita and the Electric Guitar, which have the same tuning, or the Lute, the Banjo, the Mandolin, the Portuguese Guitar, the Bass, the Cavaquinho or the Ukulele, and many others in which the right hand technique has the biggest changes (besides the different tunings).

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