A regular choral activity promotes the harmonic sensibility of the hearing and develops autonomy, enabling the chorister to keep his melodic line independently from the other voices.

The choral practice is an intense musical experience as the choir grows technically as a group. It is also a fundamental skill for every musician (and human being). At the choir, students read scores and write their own annotations according to the conductor’s instructions.

There are many types of choirs, varying in dimension and number of voices. There are symphonic choirs which can reach hundreds of choristers, and there are choirs of 16 people. There are female and male choirs. There are amateur choirs, school and university choirs, church choirs, neighbourhood choirs. There are choirs for every taste and no one gets tired of it!

Check below some examples of choirs around the world.

Youth choir:

University choir:

Adult choir:

A virtual choir:

A symphonic choir:

At last, learn here how a choir makes a difference in the musical experience of so many: 

At the Cascais Music School we have the Children’s Choir (5-9 y.o.) and the Youth Choir (10-18 y.o.). This is a group discipline and includes vocal technique preparation.

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