Cátia Alexandra Santos

Cátia began her musical studies at the age of ten, playing classical guitar with the teacher Heloisa Monteiro, joining the following year the National Conservatory in Lisbon, in Viola, in the Isabel Pimentel’s class.

Took part of several orchestras and chamber music ensembles like Orchestra Permallets / Art & Cult, being an effective member at the Orchestra Sinfónica Juvenil, Lisbon Film Orchestra, Orchestra Malaposta, Orchestra de Camera de Almada, Orchestra Concerto Moderno, Orchestra Philarmónica de Lisboa, Classical Orchestra of the University of Évora, I make regularly participations at the Gulbenkian Orchestra. She participated on four CDs of soundtracks for film and television, being the last “the Left Behind”.

She has also been an integral part of several chamber music groups, especially the Quartet Dacatro, the Quartet Bach’Us, Trio Del Mezzo Piano, Satz Trio, Quartet and Quintet Fun Fourtíssimo. Recently, she played in a concert in Luxembourg Neumunster Abbey with the Jazz singer Selma Schauls, and as part of the orchestra that accompanies the singer Tony Carreira.

She has worked on the baton of César Batalha, Ana Paula Mendes, Carlos Garcia, Cristiano Silva, Alexandre Branco, Christopher Bochmann, Nuno Sá, Nuno Margarido Lopes, Miguel Henriques, Jean Sebastien Béreau, Brian Mackay, Rui Massena, Robert Ziegler, Cesário Costa, Eduardo Garcia-Barrios, Ernst Schelle, Susanna Malkki, Joana Carneiro, Michel Corboz, Rui Pinheiro, Jorge Matta, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Hannu Lintu, Osvaldo Ferreira, etc.

In 2015 she participated at the end of JOVEM.COM competition and got the 1st place in the Paços Premium competition.

She is currently on the first year of Bachelor in Music in Instrument Variant – Viola, at Castelo Branco Polytechnic Institute – Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas, being part of the class of the teacher António Pereira.

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