Bow restore and repair with Sandrine Raffin

The Cascais & Oeiras Chamber Orchestra invited the bow specialist from the famous Atelier Sandrine Raffin Archetiers in Paris, Mme. Sandrine Raffin to visit its headquarters by the end of February.

To answer all the requests from all the clients who are interested in her services, Mme. Raffin asks for the number of bows to work on, as for the work needed in each bow. Only with this information will be possible to schedule and budget the work.

For those who are considering buying a new bow, there will be bows available within different qualities and prices for the musicians to try

For more information about the Atelier Sandrine Raffin Archetiers check the website.

If you want a repair or restore in your bow, please fill the form below until January 30. All the payments from this work will be made directly to Mme. Sandrine Raffin.

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