André Miguel Santos

Born in Lisbon, November 1984.
Degree in Economics by Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2006), in Classical Guitar (2010) and Composition by Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. He has also attended Flamenco Guitar classes with Oscar Herrero (Madrid) and Pedro Jóia (Lisbon).
Throughout his career he has already played with Lisbon Sinfonietta Orchestra, Gulbenkian Choir, Macau Chinese Orchestra and some of the most famous Portuguese artists (ex: Marisa, Resistência, Mísia, Ricardo Ribeiro, Teresa Salgueiro, Quorum Ballet, Carla Pires, Maria Ana Bobone, etc.), in many countries around the world.
Since 2007, André is a resident member of the Jury at the “Almada´s Intervention Music National Competition”. In 2011 he received the Young Talent award from the Almada municipality.
In the last years André started to play solo and made more than 200 concerts in the last 3 years.
As a composer, he has written for different projects and music styles, from small chamber music groups to full-sized orchestras. His music has been performed by some of the most notorious Portuguese music interpreters and in several countries, from the USA to China. In 2016 the National Flute Association (EUA) honored André with the Newly Published Music Competition Award with his work “O motivo da menina Laite” for solo flute. André has realised 4 albums with his compositions.
He is the guitar player of the group Melech Mechaya and Lisbon Guitar Quartet.

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage