Ana Elisa Ribeiro

Ana Elisa Ribeiro was born in Lisbon, in 1978. She started her musical studies with her father and continued on the St.ª Cecília Academy of Music, in the class of Prof. João Nogueira, having finished the Complementary Course of Violin in the class of Prof. Vasco Brôco, simultaneously with high school. Here she participated in several auditions, as a soloist and also as a member of a group, namely with the “Concert in A b major for violin, cello and orchestra” of A. Vivaldi, performed at the “Maio Cultural” (Lisbon European Capital of Culture) in 1994.

Had a scholarship by the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian from 1993 to 1996.

For three years she worked with the “Orquestra Sinfónica de Jovens das Escolas de Música Particulares” (Juvenile Symphonic Orchestra of Private Schools ) carried out during the summer courses, as well as during the period of training of the Juvenile Symphonic Orchestra ’99, of which she was a member from 1998 to 2000 and with whom she recorded a CD with works of the maestro Christopher Bochmann.

She continued her studies on the Academia Nacional Superior de Orquestra (National High Academy of Orchestra) with the concertino of the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra at that time, Fulvio Liviabella. She attended master classes of violin with professors Gerardo Ribeiro, Yfrah Neaman and Gareguin Aroutiounian.

She also attended master classes of orchestra with Jean-Sébastian Béreau, Jean Marc Burfin e Bertrand Broudier. In chamber music she attended the master class of Prof. Hege Waldeland and recently, was part of the seminar for master in musical arts on the work of Mozart on modern instruments, carried out at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (Music University of Lisbon – E.S.M.L.) under guidance of Prof. Rien de Reede.

She has collaborated with the Metropolitan Orchestra of Lisbon and with several chamber orchestras, namely the Chamber Orchestra of Braga, the Classical Orchestra of Algarve, the Orchestra of Baixo Alentejo and the Juvenile Orchestra of the City of Évora, with which she participated in concerts at the Music Festival of Badajoz and in Hannover, at the World Exposition 2000. Recently she has collaborated in several concerts as a guest instrumentalist with the Gulbenkian Orchestra and with the Simphonietta Orchestra of Lisbon.

In 2001 she was invited by the E.S.M.L. to integrate the Erasmus Chamber Orchestra, which took place in the Netherlands, in the city of Utrecht, under guidance of professor Charles-André Linale.

She has finished her degree in violin at the Lisbon University of Music (E.S.M.L.) in 2001, in the class of Prof. Alexandra Mendes and in Chamber Music with Prof. Clélia Vital.

In 2004 she was a member of the Vivaldian Chamber Orchestra, having played at the Music Festival of Leiria.

She has also been a trainee member of the Chamber Orchestra of Cascais and Oeiras and, meanwhile, has been made an effective member. She has played as a soloist under guidance of maestro Nikolay Lalov the “Concert for 4 Violins” and the “Concert for Violin and Cello” of A. Vivaldi, among others.

She is presently teaching violin at the Concertino School of Music.

Alto Patrocínio / High Patronage